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New School! The Next Chapter is Bittersweet

New School! The Next Chapter is Bittersweet

It’s all been a whirlwind, but we had Claire start a new school recently and we were waiting to see if Oliver would also get accepted. He finally did, and the new school starts next week.

This is bittersweet because it took him a little while to make friends and settle into his current school and he really likes his friends there. But I think this is a better opportunity and we had to take it. I hope we did the right thing.

For the parents who may be reading this, we are still in the neighborhood and I would really appreciate it if we could hang out, maybe do some playground dates in the afternoon. I will email the parents I have emails for, and Oliver is passing out little notes today with contact information.

Oliver is going to miss all his friends and has already asked me to get their phone numbers and emails so they can stay in touch. ?