Book Club: Fly Guy’s Ninja Christmas (Fly Guy #16)

In the new book in Tedd Arnold’s New York Times bestselling Fly Guy series, it’s Christmazzz Eve and Fly Guy doesn’t have a present to give his best friend, Buzz. But when he goes out to look for one, Fly Guy meets a stranger in the house whom he has to fight off with his ninja action. Will Fly Guy defeat the stranger? Will he find a present for Buzz?

Even reluctant readers will enjoy this fun, zany holiday story about Fly Guy meeting Santa Claus, knocking over the Christmas tree, and showing off his ninja moves!

Book Club: Daniel Plays Ball. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

<b>A new generation of children love <i>Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood</i>, inspired by the classic series <i>Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood</i>!</b><BR> <BR>Daniel Tiger learns that practice makes perfect in this sweet Pre-level 1 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode of <i>Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood</i>!<BR><BR>Daniel, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina are playing at the park with Prince Tuesday. The group decides to play a game of animal ball, but Daniel can’t seem to catch the ball. With some encouragement from Prince Tuesday, Daniel discovers that if he keeps trying, he’ll get better!<BR> <BR>© 2014 The Fred Rogers Company.